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Minions of Mirth has the most dedicated, helpful, and welcoming glayers in online gaming. Why do we think so? Because Mirth was designed by its community of players. Many of the quests, stories and art were made by people who still play Minions of Mirth today.
And not just the adventures, but many of the community features unique to Minions of Mirth were created and authored by our players:
Minions of Mirth Tribe of Players
Easy to create guilds
Anyone can create and maintain a guild, family, friends, work buddies or whoever you want.
Easy alliances
For quick adventuring or last minute raids.
Easy server hopping
Play any of your characters on any server you have access to, so you can always adventure with your friends or guild mates.
In fact, we are part of the Minions of Mirth community! You can often find the Prairie Games staff wandering through Mirth... so if you happen to bump into a Troll named Savage... be respectful. He has the power and authority to drop a dragon on your head.
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Community Events
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Minions of Mirth is the only MMORPG that allows real-time, large in-game events; some created by Prairie Games, and some put together by the guilds and community of Minions of Mirth players! Be
sure to watch our Facebook page for event announcements and updates.

Here are some of our past in-game events:

Day of the Dead event HalloWayne Summoning! - October 31, 2012
The scariest Halloween summoning ever! That well known player and beloved Guardian WayneCm will be given Immortal Status for one frightening night of monsters and mayhem.

Day of the Dead event Trinst to Kauldur:
The Mirthian Naked Halfling Run - February 26, 2012

A mad race from one end of Mirth to the other! Armorless, weaponless... a frantic run of skill and daring-do! Are you up to the challenge?
Day of the Dead event Buckaroo's Christmas Party - December 16, 2011
With Buckaroo's tricky summonings anything is possible but for sure there will be monsters, prizes, and more monsters!
Day of the Dead event Beware the Moon: Halloween 2011 - October 30, 2011
Minions of Mirth's Annual In-Game Halloween Bash - Bigger and Better than ever!
Day of the Dead event Jozzu's Raid On Chug Thulu - October 23, 2011
Lets slaughter that bastard Chug Thulu once and for all!
Day of the Dead event Day of the Undead - May 29, 2011
The undead of Mirth had a special Memorial Day Picnic, and they invited all of the players... to be... um... covered in barbecue sauce.
Minions of Mirth Zombie Apocalapyse
zOmBiE aPoCaLyPsE
October 2010
Minions of Mirth Wedding

A Minions of Mirth Wedding!
May 2010

Halloween 2009
Halloween Festival!
October 2009
Crusty Mummy scavenger hunt
Crusty Mummy Flakes Brand Cereal Scavenger Hunt
September 2009
Naked Gnome Run
The Naked Gnome Run
July 2009
Minions of Mirth Zombie Apocalapyse
Naked Halfling Run
August 2007
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