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Getting started in Mirth
Minions of Mirth starts HARD. Unlike other games, Minions of Mirth has no long tutorials or trainer levels - the people who play Mirth demanded it be as exciting and immersive as we could make it, so we really do drop you right into the middle of a vast and dynamic monster-filled world. You'll have to learn quickly if you want to stay alive. But if you stick with it through your first few levels you'll soon understand why thousands prefer our dynamic fantasy world over those other, corporate, predictable online-games.

It's understandable if you may be a little unsure about where you should go first! But always remember the in-game encyclopedia can answer a lot of questions, and there's usually someone in the global chat that can answer a question or two.

But as you begin your journey though Mirth, the first step is to choose if you're going to protect the land as a Follower of Light, or serve chaos as a Minion of Darkness...

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The City of Trinst
The Village of kaldur
The Monser Realm
In the Fellowship of Light you begin outside the town of Trinst, the home for many adventurers in the world of Mirth Play as an evil Minion of Darkness you start at the wicked city of Kaldur, home to orcs, goblins and worse. For those choosing to begin within the Monster Realm... well the less said about this, the better
Eye Don't worry! There is no penalty for dying for characters under level five! Practice fighting as much as you like when you're a beginner. If you're killed, you don't lose any experience points, skills or equipment.
Eye Press J to open the in-game Journal. There's lot of information there that can be helpful.
Eye There are many easy-to-kill creatures near the gates of the towns, such as the skeletons and beetles in and around Trinst, or the wild dogs near the gates of Kaldur.
Eye Seek out your character class' trainer in town and speak with them about beginning to raise your level.
Eye Look through the Getting Started PDF that downloaded with the game. That has a lot of information on gameplay, classes, races, and much, much more.
Eye Learn more about the 12 Races of Mirth



Free from Prairie Games! The Guide for the New Adventurer!

This free and amusing ebook is an essential download for new Minions of Mirth players. Full of hints, quest walkthoughs and maps... it's 10 pages of high resolution poster-quality art, advice and strategies from the highest rated players of Mirth.

A must-have item for new players, and a lot of fun for our high level players:

 Guide for the New Adventurer PDF

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