Free from Prairie Games! The Guide for the New Adventurer!

This free and amusing ebook is an essential download for new Minions of Mirth players. Full of hints, quest walkthoughs and maps... it's 10 pages of high resolution poster-quality art, advice and strategies from the highest rated players of Mirth.

A must-have item for new players, and a lot of fun for our high level players:

 Guide for the New Adventurer PDF

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Minions of Mirth Soundtrack
Free from Prairie Games! The gift of MUSIC!

The soundtrack of Minions of Mirth has been called superb, inspiring... beautiful. Haunting and dreamy, this rich fantasy score, the work of the eminently talented composer Ronald van Deurzen, transports you to a time - a place - where magic yet breathes.

For you, two of the most requested tracks of our richly orchestrated Minions of Mirth Original Soundtrack :

  Minions of Mirth Title Track
  Cold Mountain Clouds

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Minions of Mirth Soundtrack
Free from Prairie Games! Your very own MINION!

A Christmas gift from us to you: The Overlord of Hate

As one of our personal favorite monsters of Mirth, we at Prairie Games though who better to spread the joy of the season then the Overlord of Hate? The perfect choice to serve as your own personal Minion from Mirth!

Download, print, cut and fold your own army of minions to guard your castle, treasure and your computer from marauding adventurers!

Right-click the icon to download and save the free Overlord of Hate PaperToy to your desktop.

Minions of Mirth Character the Overlord of Hate
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