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Known Issues and Solutions

How do I report abusive behavior? How do I save my journal? Download the Getting Started PDF
Patch to Premium Error (Windows 7/Vista) What is the User Timeout message?  
I get a blank screen (Windows) I get an Incorrect Login message  
I get a blank screen (Mac OS X) What are the problems running on a Netbook?  

 Minions icon  How do I report abusive behavior

In the game type /t mom abuse.

Please try to explain what happened and give the name of the party or parties involved. This method should be used if there is not a Guardian online at the time, you are unable to resolve the situation on your own and the situation occurred in the public chat channels. For example: /t mom abuse MissL is using the Help channel to talk about inappropriate topics that directly violate the Play Nice Policy.

An email will be sent to us including your Public Name and message.

Submit an email to abuse at

As above, please include as much information as you can. Also include a screenshot of the situation (Alt-P on windows and Cmd-P on macintosh) and/or text from your chat log which can be found here: Minions of Mirth\common\log_MoMChat.txt This method should be used to report abuse issues such as: kill stealing, training, abuse/harassment in private channels.

We appreciate you taking the time to submit bug and abuse reports and your concerns are important to us.



 Minions Icon  Patch to Premium Button Error (Windows 7/Vista)

Problem:  I click on the “Patch to Premium” button and get the error message “Error retrieving bin/MinionofMirth.exe.

Answer: Microsoft Vista directory folders restrict read/write access to the Minions of Mirth game folder.  The easiest way to fix the problem is to give the Minions of Mirth game folder administrator rights by doing the following:

  1. Go to your desktop and right-click on the Minions of Mirth icon.
  2. Select “Run as administrator”.
  3. When the Minions of Mirth game starts, go to the main menu.
  4. Click on the “Patch to Premium” button on the main menu again.


 Minions Icon  I get a blank screen (Windows)

Problem:  My screen is blank when I run the game (Windows Users).

Answer: Minions of Mirth requires 3D Open GL video support to display the graphics. Windows does not natively come with this driver.  It is added by installing the latest video driver for your video graphics card or video graphics chip.  Go to the website for your video graphic card manufacturer and make sure you have the latest driver installed.



Intel Embedded Graphics:

If you continue to experience blank screen problems, contact us through email at support at and attach the files:

  1. “console.log”.  It can be found in the folder C:\Program Files\Minions of Mirth\common\
  2. “log_MinionsOfMirth.txt”.  It can be found in the folder C:\Program Files\Minions of Mirth\common\logs.


 Minions Icon  I get a blank screen (Mac OS X)

  My screen is blank when I run the game (Mac OS X Users).

Answer: Minions of Mirth may not run in full-screen mode on Mac OS X 10.5.3. A situation affecting most 3D applications on the Mac. Apple Computer is aware of of this problem.

Until then, if you run into problems while playing Minions of Mirth in fullscreen mode on Mac OS X 10.5.3, we suggest switching Minions of Mirth to play in its windowed mode instead. If you want to keep the higher resolution of the fullscreen mode:

  1. Set the dock to hide.
  2. Set options to fullscreen choose the highest resolution and apply.
  3. Hit command-enter.

A drawback is that the System Menu will remain visible.



 Minions Icon  How do I save my Journal?

Problem:  I want to save my Journal.  Where is it so I can back it up before re-stalling the game?

Answer:  The Journal information is kept in a file called “settings.db”.  It can be found in the folder C:\Program Files\Minions of Mirth\common\minions.of.mirth\data. 

Simply copy this file and save it to a separate folder so it will not be deleted when un-installing the game.  The file can also be moved to another computer if you decide to install and play the game on a different computer.


 Minions Icon  What is the User Timeout message?

Problem: When I try to enter the World I get the message “User timeout caused connection failure” but the World servers appear to be up and running with no problems.

Answer:  If you are using a wireless connection, try connecting your computer to a hardwire network connection.


 Minions Icon  I get an Incorrect Login message

Problem:  I am getting the message, “Your login information is incorrect” when I try to login.

Answer:  Login information is case sensitive.  Make sure you enter the Public Name and Password exactly as they appear in your registration email. 

If you have lost your password, click on the Play Online button on the main menu and then click on “Lost Password”.  Fill out the Public Name and Email address field, and your password will be emailed to you.  If you lost both your Public Name and Password, please contact support at

Please note the forum registration is separate from game registration.  If you have registered the Minions of Mirth game, you will need to register with the forums if you plan on posting messages.


 Minions Icon
 What are the problems running on a Netbook

Problem:  I am trying to run Minions of Mirth on my Netbook computer, but when I double click the icon, I'm getting the standard Microsoft message that an error has occurred.

Answer: Because Netbooks have small screens, their standard resolution is 1024x600 but Minions of Mirth requires a minimum resolution of 1024x768 in order to run.

The drivers that typically come pre-installed with the Netbook often do not support the 1024x768 resolution.  We have had good success in running Minions of Mirth on a Netbook by installing the video drivers for the specific embedded Intel Chipset.  For example, an Asus Eee 1000HD may have the Mobile Intel 915GME Express video chipset or another example is the MSI Windbooks Netbook that has the 945SG chipset. 

If you visit Intel’s website you should be able to locate a driver for your Intel video chipset under Notebook Class (Low Power). 

We prefer the Windows XP embedded version over the Window XP Home Edition since it tends to list additional handy drivers.  However, what is available for your particular chipset may vary. 

Once you have updated the video drivers on your Netbook, right-click on your desktop and look for something that says “Graphic Configuration” or something similar.  Select this and look for a way to set your resolution to 1024x768.  It will make the desktop area go slightly beyond the actual screen size, but the resolution will be compatible with Minions of Mirth. 

The game also requires that OpenGL is supported.  Typically this will automatically be supported when you install the latest video driver, but if you see a setting for OpenGL support, be sure it is active.



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